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18 March 2021

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Why do people smear or smush cake on faces at events?

Smushing cakes on faces at events is a common thing to notice nowadays. Just go to a birthday or a wedding and observe faces of people smeared in cake and all that creamy flavor on their faces. But, why do we smush cakes on each other faces? Is there a hidden meaning behind these cake smushing? Moreover, other people tend to leave the cakes smeared on the faces even after the event. May sound silly, but cake smushing is a real trend among the millennials nowadays.

I have researched more on this concept that other cake bloggers tend to ignore. So far, the concept of cake smushing has evolved throughout the years. From feeding wedding cakes to just painting each other faces with cakes and enjoying the moment.

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So, let’s get back to cake smushing. I would sincerely enjoy the feeling of being smushed with a cake instead of being fed. It symbolizes a feeling of reminiscing the youthful days and also it marks a new level of friendship and openness. In weddings or other major events in life, it is much likely you will reminisce such moments later in life.

In addition, you would really love to wake up and find  dried up cream on your face, right? Let’s be honest, the first action would be to lick the cream only to remember how the wedding cake, birthday cake tasted. Cakes are emotional, the taste and flavors that combine to make a beautiful magnificent is a true art.

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