The Best Wedding Cakes in Kenya (2021).


17 March 2021


The Best Wedding Cakes in Kenya (2021).

It’s a Kenyan thing, right? The joy that feels families and friends witnessing the union of two souls, however, a wedding cannot exist without wedding cakes. The choice of wedding cake you choose can simply portray a sincere feeling of love and connection.

So, choosing the appropriate wedding cake is a major contribution to the whole glamour of the event. At the end of the day, everyone will soon judge the wedding cake and that’s why you need to be careful.

Nowadays, there are many home-made bakers out of YouTube. I am not being controversial to the fact that you can learn from YouTube, all I am saying is you don’t want to end up searching videos on how to make wedding cakes on the last moment.

LittleHands is the best and amazing wedding cake providers in Kenya. With years of professional experience , this guys are truly the best. They have an unique way of adding love, happiness, memories into a magnificent wedding cake.

Gents, let me speak to you for a moment. You can be the best chef but when it comes to wedding cakes, leave that to the best bakery in Kenya. A wedding cake is not simply a piece of sweetness and well decorated flavors.


A wedding cake in Kenya is the centerpiece of a covenant being celebrated.

Just imagine yourself as a guest, sitting at the front row and having your eyes set up on this piece of magnificent wedding cake.

You will sure be dazzled by the patience, artistry and elegance put into making an amazing wedding cake. LittleHands Bakehouse are the real pros’ I guess that’s what the millennials would say.  Children would be singing and running to and from once they notice a beautiful cake at such a glorious event.

Families mouth will be yearning to get a piece and oh, the covenant is successfully sealed. You don’t want up ending with a bad piece of wedding cake in your mouth. Right?


So, when selecting a wedding cake there are many important elements to consider. We, us LittleHands Bakehouse are well trained and have successfully crafted and made beautiful wedding memories.

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