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Key points:

1. Are you a cake artist in the luxury space, specializing in exquisite wedding cakes?

2. Learn how to navigate the intricate world of wedding cake contracts with confidence.

3. Perfect for established bakers in the wedding industry or newcomers looking to excel in the wedding cake space.

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Chapter Highlights

1. Understanding Wedding Cake Contracts: Dive deep into the nuances of wedding cake contracts.

2. Crafting a Comprehensive Contract: Learn the art of creating detailed and thorough contracts.

3. Essential Elements of a Wedding Cake Contract: Discover what elements make a contract solid and reliable.

4. Communication Strategies: Master the art of clear and effective communication with clients.

5. Avoiding Common Pitfalls: Stay ahead by learning how to sidestep common contract mistakes.

6. Sample Contracts and Templates: Access ready-to-use templates and real-world examples.

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1. Gain confidence in handling wedding cake contracts.

2. Enhance your professionalism and client relationships.

3. Save time with sample contracts and templates.

4. Avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls in your business.

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Client Testimonials

"Mastering Wedding Cake Contracts completely transformed how I approach my cake business. Joanne's expertise shines through every page, and the sample contracts have saved me countless hours of work. Highly recommended for anyone serious about excelling in the wedding cake industry."
"As a newcomer to the wedding cake scene, I was overwhelmed by the prospect of crafting contracts. This ebook provided clear guidance and actionable advice that helped me navigate the process with confidence. Joanne's insights are invaluable, and I'm grateful for the impact this book has had on my business."
"Joanne's ebook is a game-changer for anyone in the wedding cake business. Her thorough explanations and practical tips make complex contract concepts easy to understand and implement. I've already noticed a significant improvement in my client relationships and business efficiency. "

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About the Author

Joanne Lydiah – A seasoned cake artist with 6 years of experience in the luxury wedding cake industry.

I am a Cake Artist, Cake Business Coach, a Cake Blogger and the creator of Little Hands Cake Business Academy.

My goal is to help Bakers Build, grow their own Cake Business so they can run a profitable and a successful business with confidence and have a constant stream of clients buying their delicious bakes.

I Coach, I offer support and help Bakers in their businesses. I have trained and mentored more than 100 bakers through our Hands – On Trainings in cake decorations and business aspects of Baking.

I am a GOLD Award winner of Samantha Bridal Wedding Cake Challenge 2020. One of the Kenya’s Biggest Bridal EXPO. I have also been a Guest Speaker at The Cake Convention here in Kenya Organized by Hope Cakes.

Coach at Littlehands bakehouse & Academy
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