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Why Choose Jojo?

What makes Jojo at LHBH a premium brand you can trust??

I have over 4 years of professional expertise with a wealth of experience within the wedding industry working with Brides and Grooms.

My Elegant and Sophisticated design style provides the perfect solution for Brides looking for decadent Elegant Bespoke Wedding Cakes.

I understand what Brides are looking for because I understand their buying priorities and behaviors.

Attention to detail and the art of bespoke design are key values to me and every bride with whom I have worked with.

I believe in quality, being unique, and bringing elegance and prestige to elite brides and grooms offering premium services.

– Jojo Lydiah Founder LHBH

Nakuru, Ngata estate Along Nakuru-Eldoret Highway

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Book for your cake consultation appointment and cake tasting session so we can ascertain if we are a great fit

Let’s personalize your gift of love (wedding cake) to your wedding guests.

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