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Baking Pro Course102

The course that will make you a highly profitable baker.

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Does Any Of The Below Resonate With You?

  • I’m a baker who wants to operate a highly profitable cake business but I’m not sure where to start…
  • I’m a baker who wants to mesmerize and wow my clients with cakes that have perfect taste, texture and are eye-catching…
  • I’m sick and tired of baking cakes that don’t attract premium prices…
  • I wish to take my baking career to the top 20% that control 80% of the market…

If This Sounds Like You Then The Baking Pro Course 101 Is Just For You!

By The End Of The Course, You’ll Be Able To:

As a baker with some experience, this course will make you a pro in:

  • Mixing cakes.
  • Baking cakes.
  • Assembling cakes.
  • Frosting cakes.
  • Storing cakes.
  • Transporting cakes.
  • Serving cakes.

The training will be hands-on. You get to bake the cakes from scratch. You’ll also get recipes and all relevant reference guides

Jojo Lydia Littlehands Bakehouse

Meet Your Trainer

Hello, I am Jojo Lydiah, an educator by profession from Kampala International University

I am also a cake artist, cake business coach, cake blogger, and the founder of Little Hands Bakehouse Academy. I help bakers build and grow their own cake businesses so they can run a profitable and successful business with confidence and have a constant stream of clients buying their delicious bakes. I coach, offer support and help bakers in their businesses.

I have trained and mentored more than 100 bakers through our hands-on training in cake decorations and the business aspects of baking. I am a gold award winner of The Samantha Bridal Wedding Cake Challenge 2020, one of  Kenya’s biggest bridal expos. I have also been a guest speaker at the cake convention hare in Kenya organized by Hope Cakes.

Here Is What You’ll Learn

Module 1: Introduction To baking (Click to know what we shall learn in this module)
  • Theory and Basics Of Baking.
  • Essential Baking Pieces of Equipment and Their Uses
  • Required Baking Ingredients and Their Uses
  • How To Measure Everything; Using Digital Scale, Using Measuring Cups
  • Ingredients Temperature and Guidelines
Module 2 A: Mixing A Cake (Click to know what we shall learn in this module)

In This Module, We Shall Cover The Different Types Of Baking Methods In-Depth:

  • Creaming Method
  • Rubbing In Method
  • Whisking Method
  • Melting Method
  • All In One Method


Module 2B: Baking A Cake (Click to know what we shall learn in this module)

In This Module, We Shall Learn:

  • How To Pre-Heat The Oven
  • Different Ways and Methods Of Preparing Cake Pans
  • Baking the Different Cakes
  • Methods Of Tasting a Well and Ready Baked Cake
  • All In One Method
Module 3: Cakes + Bonus (Click to know what we shall learn in this module)

In This Module, We Shall Learn How To Make:

  • Ultimate Vanilla Cake
  • Classic Rich Fruit Cake
  • Carrot Cake
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Black Forest Cake
  • Red velvet Cake
  • Ginger Bread

In The  Bonus, We’ll Also Learn How To Make:

  • Banana Bread
  • Biscuit Cookies


Module 4: Sauces And Fillings + Bonus (Click to know what we shall learn in this module)

In This Module, We Shall Learn How To Make:

    • Blueberry Compote
    • Strawberry Compote
    • Salted Caramel Sause
    • Butterscotch Sause

    In The  Bonus We’ll Also Learn How To Make:

    • Lemon Curd


    Module 5: Decorate And Frost a Cake (Click to know what we shall learn in this module)

    In This Module, We Shall Learn How To Make:

    • Properly Level A a Cake
    • Torting a Cake
    • Moisturizing a Cake
    • Professionally Filling, Layering, and Building a Cake

    How Will This Baking pro Course 102 Be Delivered?


    The course will be an intensive 10 sessions of hands-on training and will be conducted at our bakehouse in Nakuru, Ngata. Along the Nakuru-Eldoret highway.

    Work Sheet

    Every module will come with a worksheet that will help you in recaps and support your practicals.

    30 Days Mentorship Program

    After the 10 sessions of hands-on training, I will handhold you for 30 days step by step as you stabilize and set up your space

    Bonus Training!

    Cake Costing

    You will learn how to cost your cakes for profits

    How To Market Your Cakes

    You will learn how to market your cakes in various platforms

    How To Brand Your Cake Business

    You will learn how to brand your cake business and position yourself to attract premium clients.

    “Icing On The Cake”

    • All the necessary tools and supplies will be provided for use during the class.
    • Aprons, hairnets, notebooks, and pens will also be provided.
    • Students are encouraged to bring extra-low flat indoor shoes.
    • Throughout the course, we will provide water, coffee, and tea as well as snacks and a daily healthy lunch.

      How Much Are You Willing To Invest In This Course?

      Course Fee

      One Time Fee of Ksh. 90,000


      Payable in 2 Installments of Ksh 50,000 (To book your slot) And Ksh 50,000 payable before the class begins

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