9 Tips To Make Your Wedding Cake Process Very Smooth

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Next to planning your wedding and honeymoon, choosing your wedding cake is one of the most exciting and adventurous elements of your wedding planning. However, it can sometimes leave you with more questions than answers. Questions such as: How many tiers should the cake have? Which type of cake would look better with my theme; a round cake or a square one? Should I do a simple or extravagant design? or contemporary versus traditional? Should it be chocolate or vanilla? or a combination of flavors? and so on and so forth…

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Our main aim at Little Hands Bakehouse is to reduce the stress you might be experiencing from all the preparations for your special day and make the process of choosing your cake as seamless and fun as possible.

I’ll take you through some of the common mistakes to avoid when choosing your wedding cake:

Mistake 1: Not Considering The Weather

If you are having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate then stay away from buttercream and soft icing cakes as they tend to melt. You could opt for fondant-covered cakes in such weather but remember that these could also be affected by heat (as they tend to bulge). So ensure you get a cake designer that is experienced in making cakes for all weather.

Mistake 2: Leaving Your Wedding Cake For Last Minute

Enough time should be allocated to choosing your wedding cake just like you would with your other wedding needs and supplies.

You need to consider a cake designer who you will entrust with the task of creating your dream wedding cake, as most professional cake designers’ diaries get booked up very quickly.

You need to think through the design that you need for your wedding cake and get your inspiration images ready.  You also need to take into account a cake tasting session that will help you to choose cake flavors, cost, and delivery details along with a list of other requirements.

Mistake 3: Having Too Many External Influences

It is nice to have others involved in the planning process, but when you get many influences it also tends to reduce the decision-making process. Remember, it is your wedding and it is your cake. Having too many opinions on what makes a great wedding cake can actually create more stress for you than it resolves.

Mistake 4: Not Showing Colour Swatches

When having conversations about your colour theme with your wedding cake designer, it is important to take along with you a colour swatch. Swatches sent via electronic devices might pick different color tonations as the screen tends to have different color variations.

Also, people perceive colour differently. What you may see as orange may be seen as yellow by another person. This might seem like a bit too much detail and effort for choosing a cake. But this will eliminate having a cake that’s not fitting into your wedding theme and colors.

Mistake 5: Not Having it in writing

Always be specific about what you want for your wedding cake. Make sure every detail you have discussed and agreed on with your cake designer is written down – even the smallest details.

This is what works as the contract, and it should lay out all that you expect from your cake designer and what they expect from you.

Mistake 6: Overlooking The Cake Stand & Table

No doubt your cake will look exquisite but consider the cake stand and the display on the table to ensure your cake is presented in all its glory. The cake presentation matters just as much as the cake itself. Make sure to have a stable table big enough to fit all the cakes that are needed to be displayed.

Mistake 7: Not Eating Your Cake

You got that right! And yes it does happen more often than you think. With all the fun, excitement, mingling with your guests, dancing, and enjoying wedded bliss, it is very possible that you could forget to eat your cake (other than the bite you feed each other when cutting it).

For an extra-special touch, I recommend that you include a smaller cake as part of the gift cakes to share at home. Take the cake with you once the wedding is over and you can enjoy and savor your wedding cake as newlyweds in an intimate setting.

Mistake 8: Not Taking Your Venue Into Consideration

The size of your venue will have an impact on the appearance of your wedding cake. If you have a smaller venue and few guests, smaller wedding cakes are ideal, but the small wedding cake will be dwarfed in a large venue such as massive gardens or function halls and vice versa.

Also, the style of your cake should complement the style and decor of your venue.

Mistake 9: Not Ordering A Large Enough Cake

We always get to hear “not every guest eats cake” this is so wrong since you are the one who’s personally invited your guests, your wedding cake should be of enough size to be able to serve them. Your cake should also be so yummy that your guests request second and third slices. You need to comfortably serve everyone at your wedding reception.

In conclusion,

Choosing your wedding cake can be a stressful experience but it doesn’t have to be. By avoiding these common mistakes discussed, it can be a stress-free and extremely fun experience.

Little Hands Bakehouse will work closely with you to bring your dream wedding cake from concept to reality.

Thus, ensuring that your needs are taken care of to the finest detail and that the process of selection is seamless and fun.

Why Choose Jojo Lydiah?

What makes Jojo at LHBH a premium brand you can trust??

I have over 4 years of professional expertise with a wealth of experience within the wedding industry working with Brides and Grooms.

My Elegant and Sophisticated design style provides the perfect solution for Brides looking for decadent, elegant, Bespoke Wedding Cakes.

I understand what Brides are looking for because I understand their buying priorities and behaviors.

 Attention to detail and the art of bespoke design are key values to me and every bride with whom I have worked.

I believe in quality, being unique, and bringing elegance and prestige to elite brides and grooms offering premium services.

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Hello, I'm Jojo Lydia, a cake artist, cake business coach, cake blogger, and the founder of Little Hands Bakehouse and Academy. Other than creating wedding cakes, I also coach, offer support and help bakers in their businesses.

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