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26 November 2021

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When we are starting out as hobby bakers, we bake for family and friends. But in no time we start selling the Cakes and hence increase in the number of Cakes that we sell. This is when the mind set needs to change and start looking at the cake baking as a JOB. Hence we need to set the boundaries around the cake work. When setting the boundaries you need to:

Set the WORKING HOURS that works for you (And it’s you to decide if there will be any flexibility) For us at Little Hands Bakehouse we work from 8am-6pm for Weekdays. On Saturdays we work from 9am-3pm and for Sundays and Public Holidays we remain closed.

With this we don’t do business outside of work timings, all communications past office timings we respond to them 1st thing the following day. I intentionally set aside time for other important aspects of life, family and friends, hobbies and other responsibilities etc.


When we are starting out we try to make each and every cake order that come our way. We don’t want any Cake order to pass us by. When the job begins to gain momentum you can easily fall into trap of taking each and every order saying yes to anything and everything.

One is prompt to take late last minute orders, example late orders at night that are needed in the morning. Learn to say NO to last minute orders, learn to say no to emergencies orders and this you’ll get more time to rest.


Many business starts when you are one man show, you are the baker, the Marketer, the delivery person, you are the one going to do the purchases you end up doing everything on your own, but as time goes by things changes and doesn’t remain that way.

While is good and advisable to do everything when starting so to learn the ropes of your business, there is greater efficiency in outsourcing in areas of Business or Cake making to a 3rd party. Some areas where you can outsource

  1. Book keeping
  2. Photo editing
  3. In Baking-you can buy ready Cakes
  4. In decorations-cake toppers, figurines, stilettos, sugar flowers etc.


In the baby steps of our career in baking we could do what clients want us to do, or are requesting like I need a 1.5kgs in 2 Tiers??? And gladly you accept the job not knowing the challenges ahead with that choice of cake structuring. But as business gets more established it’s very important to start streamlining your products and service offering. Here you can choose a medium that you’re very comfortable working with like you can choose only to be working with buttercream or fondant deco…

Offer a standardized size option for the Cakes like for us at Little Hands Bakehouse for 2 tiered cake we start at 2.5kgs cake.

Another example is for a minimum cake order we start at 1kg and nothing lower. When you have this structures in place and you’re communicating well with your clients it really makes your baking life so easy and stress free.

6. Rest

You need to make sure to schedule and set aside Day Offs and Rest days every week, for me at the Bakehouse Mondays are our day offs where we totally rest from each and every work related matters and get back on Tuesday when rested and rejuvenated ready to start off the week.

Even if you can get rests in smaller and shorter intervals , they are equally very important. Our bodies needs rest equally to our minds. The ultimate goal here is to protect your health , your wellbeing so you remain fit in the job and industry for a very long time.

Hello, Iam Jojo Lydiah.


I am a Cake Artist, Cake Business Coach, a Cake Blogger and The creator of Little Hands Cake Business Academy.

My goal is to help Bakers Build, Grow their own Cake Business so they can run a profitable and a successful Business with confidence and have a constant stream of clients buying their delicious bakes.

I Coach, I offer support and help Bakers in their businesses. I have trained and mentored more than 100 bakers through our Hands – On Trainings in cake decorations and business aspects of Baking.

I am a GOLD Award winner of Samantha Bridal Wedding Cake Challenge 2020. One of the Kenya’s Biggest Bridal EXPO . I have also been a Guest Speaker at The Cake Convention here in Kenya Organised by Hope Cakes.

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